What Is a Personal Cultural Concierge?

Tech professionals James and Linda met 30 years ago acting together at their University’s Shakespeare Club. Today, they often travel to the Bay area on business and like to see Shakespeare plays while traveling.  But, given their busy schedules, how will they know where to look?

After graduating from college, Sang-Mi was thrilled to accept a job in San Francisco. At home, she loved to attend classical music concerts. She would like to plan regular classical music experiences for herself and her friends, but needs advice on where to find the best of the best.

Zach is a software engineer, and has never been much of a theatre goer. He has gone occasionally, but is usually bored. But his new girlfriend loves the theatre. He’d like to surprise her on a date with a theatrical event that would please both of them.

Newlyweds Deon and Ashley enjoy their busy jobs as professional recruiters. They want to develop a schedule of cultural events for their “date nights,” planned a year in advance. They don’t have a lot of time to research their options, and they are not sure what they would most enjoy.

Evan and Shirley are excited to be making good money as they advance their careers. They want to realize their dream of starting an art collection. How should they begin to enter the art community and learn what’s what?

Igor’s last match.com date called him a troglodyte. He needs to get some culture quick! He hasn’t been getting any since he moved to San Francisco to work at his cousin’s startup. Where can he go for help?

Are you also a culture lover? Would you like to access cultural opportunities to be found in the Bay Area, but have limited time to research and explore?

The Storming Bohemian can help!
If you are:
  • a busy professional
  • new to the Bay Area cultural scene
  • hosting personal or professional guests
  • going out on dates

. . . I offer you a personalized concierge service to help craft a selection of curated cultural experiences based on your preferences, budget, and schedule that will surely enrich your life.