How This Works

When you contact The Storming Bohemian I will arrange to visit you at a place of your choosing for a forty five minute “cultural curation consultation.”

I will interview you to discover your interests and preferences regarding budget and scheduling. Whether your interests are literary, musical, painting, or theatrical, opera or symphony, Shakespeare or Neil Simon, comedy improv or Greek tragedy, drag queens, or Masterpiece Theatre, the Storming Bohemian knows where to find the goods.

Working together, we will create a curated itinerary of events that will leave your head spinning and your heart full.

Why would you want this assistance?

Consider: There are over 365 theatres and dance companies active in the Bay Area. As a theatre reviewer who typically sees over 100 plays each year, the Storming Bohemian can zero in on those companies most likely to suit your personal preferences, whether you want to see Broadway musicals, ethnic theatre,or temed theatre. (Did you know there are theatre companies specializing in plays about science, or science fiction, or horror?) I know which theatres are upscale and hoity toity for that sort of occasion, or where to find a tiny theatre company of talented artists working out of a storefront in the tenderloin. I can point you to the avant garde underground, or last year’s Broadway hit — it’s up to you.

Or this: On some weeks, there are over 70 literary events in the Bay area, ranging from book talks by well-known authors, to back yard literary readings hosted by up-and-coming young writers. Do you like slam poetry? Literary scholarship? What about “the most tasteless literary event you can possibly imagine” consisting of erotic fan faction based on literary classics written by popular and successful novelists? Or a poetry reading held at night by candlelight in an ocean front cave by Land’s End? I can get you there.

Or this: Do you love jazz? Do you want to go where some of the finest young jazz musicians in San Francisco gather to hang out for improvised jam sessions, or would you prefer to drink cocktails in a rooftop bar listening to the piano and voice stylings of an expert on the “American Songbook?” Or maybe your musical tastes would land you instead at a punk club in an industrial section of Oakland?

Prepare for adventure of the cultural kind: call The Storming Bohemian and enter a world of wonder.